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Custom Woven Patches for Hats & More

You can create custom woven patches for hats, woven patches on shirts as well as woven patches on hoodies that will be worn with pride. Woven patches are lighter and offer a finer detail than traditional embroidery. 

We specialize in woven products and produce the highest quality custom woven patches. Woven patches makers work well for hats, shirts, and hoodies.


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Make Your Own Woven Patches

Interested in custom woven patches but lack design skills? No worries. Our team provides design services to spark your creativity, refine your concepts, and bring your patch visions to life.

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Customize your items with Woven Patches Makers

Woven patches can be used as decorative patches on shirts, hats and hoodies. Woven Patches Maker creates custom patches for clothing and accessories that add a unique touch.

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Choose Woven Patches Makers for custom hat patches

Our custom woven patches elevate your designs affordably. Woven patches showcase bold, fun, and typographic designs. Woven patches for hats add a stylish and personalized touch, making each hat unique.

Concept Stage​

What makes woven patches makers the best

Woven patches makers is unique; they're smooth and intricate. They capture intricate designs with clarity due to a tighter weave and thinner thread. For detailed designs, woven patches makers excel over embroidery patches.

Pre-Production Sample​

How to Use Your Patches

Woven patches can be used to brand a variety of different items. These patches can be used to promote products on clothing, blankets, and backpacks.

Final Product & Delivery​

Customize woven patches for hats

Custom woven patches are like tiny works of art. For brands, woven patches for hats are a great way to show off their logos and create a distinctive look. These patches, woven with precision, boast intricate designs and durability. Using custom woven patches makers helps you stand out uniquely.

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Yes! You can wash all your patch apparel and accessory items according to the care tags and the patches will hold up well. Can you do any shape?

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