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Custom Woven Patches For Hoodies

Custom woven patches for hoodies, hats, shirts mimic direct embroidery but are versatile. You can choose a thin-stitched edge or a sturdy merrow border. They stay durable through many wash cycles, too. We're experts in clothing and apparel. With years of experience, we offer a fantastic selection of customizable hoodies.


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Expand Branding with Woven Patches

 To boost your brand, use top-notch woven patches. They add uniqueness and personalize your items. Also, they help promote your brand effectively for better recognition and customer loyalty.

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Customize Everything About Your Patch

 Embroidered patches brand products effectively, lasting longer than the items themselves. There are a variety of options available based on the look you are looking for. We offer fully embroidered patches for customization.

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Choose Woven Patches Makers for custom hoodies

Our Woven Patches blend thread and flexibility beautifully. They keep a classic look. Our interlaced weaving creates intricate designs sans fabric requirement.

Concept Stage​

Customize woven patches for Hoodies

Our design team helps you customize patches uniquely. Mix colors, materials, threads, and embroidery styles. Your personalized patches will surely stand out! The woven patches for hoodies are on the rise. It's a fun way to spice up your clothing collection.

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Getting Started with Custom Patches

Custom embroidered patches give you the high-quality look of direct embroidery. They are cost-effective, offering flexibility to customize any clothing item. You can add your design to garments of any size, shape, or fabric.

Final Product & Delivery​

Why woven patches makers are the best

Craft Clothing is your go-to for personalized items. We make custom patches for shirts, hoodies, and hats. These woven patches for hoodies add a personalized touch to your casual wardrobe.

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Custom patches for hoodies are special and personalized. They're tailored to your liking. These patches, made from fabric, leather, or silicone, add a unique touch to your hoodies. They let you showcase your own artwork, logo, or design. Just upload them on our website, and we'll handle the rest.


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