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Custom Woven Patches for Shirts & More

We can create custom woven patches for shirts, hats, and hoodies that you will be proud to wear.Woven patches differ from threaded ones with their smooth texture. They enhance detail through thinner thread and tighter weave. This captures intricate designs with great clarity. Choose woven patches makers for detailed designs over embroidered ones.


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Creating Woven Patches is Easy

Looking for top-notch custom embroidered patches for your brand? We’ve got you covered! It’s all about quality here. We use modern equipment, premium materials, and precise digitizing. Your design will shine with impressive results. And guess what? We even offer iron-on patches too!


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Make your items unique with Woven Patches Makers

A unique offering we have is woven patches. They offer intricate details and small text. Your design is woven, not stitched, into the material. These patches are light and ideal for decorative use. Choose woven patches for shirts enjoying the intricate detailing and longevity they provide.

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Make custom shirt patches with Woven Patches Makers

Custom woven labels give designers a stylish way to display their brand. Perfect for clothing, hats, handmade goods, these labels convey quality. They use premium materials to enhance your product’s appeal. Woven patches for shirts add texture and style, upgrading plain clothes.

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What makes woven patches makers unique

Custom woven patches offer precise detail, a great alternative to embroidered patches. We always go above and beyond for our customers. It's our goal to create top-notch custom woven patches that exceed expectations. We want our customers to be delighted with the quality, service, and pricing.

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Creating woven patches for shirts should begin

Create unique woven patches for your shirts, hats, hoodies, sweaters, and bags. These patches offer intricate designs beyond simple embroidery. Check out our sample for inspiration and start creating!

Final Product & Delivery​

Customize woven patches for shirts

Patches can add glamour to your products. They make basic fashion items unique. From jeans to bags to phone cases, patches bring a playful touch. Our custom woven patches enhance the classic design with intricate details and small lettering. Express your style with woven patches for shirts for a custom look.

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